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What to Cook Right Now

by Jersey Lady

good morning. rabbit rabbitLigaya Mishan took to the pages of The New York Times Magazine this weekend to praise her husband’s inventive and improvisational cooking. is receiving But where does Ligaya play the notes? Her husband composes them.

And now we can play them too: his nebulous Southeast Asian recipes Citrus and chili fish (Moreover). Ligaya writes: Light and rustic like summer, it gives plenty of warmth like a flower. I don’t fully understand what I’m eating, but I want more. “

Me too. The lightness and simplicity of summer are exactly what I’m feeling right now.

In that sense, buy a lobster or two this week, main coast lobster rollIt’s not as expensive as buying a pre-cooked lobster roll on the Maine coast this year.

Younger Sunset Cooking: This New Recipe Orange and Turmeric Skillet ChickenOranges and turmeric are common ingredients in Moroccan cuisine, and they go well together. They make some mighty good chicken breasts.

Now it has nothing to do with silken tofu or Concord grapes, but Tom Robbins is a New Yorker. Profile of Christopher Colombothe son of a mob boss, and it’s an amazing read.

New favorite cookbook from Prince Edward Island, Canada: “My PEI Cabbage Cookbookby Ann Thurlow.

There are many reasons to love Dwight Garner’s book review for The Times, one of which is Robert Lowell’s “Bulletin”I feel like I don’t have to read the book!

Finally, a new release from the British band Sorry.turn on the light’ Listen that nice and loud. see you soon.

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