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Is Scott Galloway the Howard Stern of the Business World?

by Jersey Lady

Galloway grew up in Los Angeles to immigrant parents. His father, a charming sales executive who grew up in Depression-era Scotland, “had a terrible relationship with money,” he said. His parents divorced when he was nine years old and he lived with his mother, who worked as his secretary.

“Not having money was a big source of stress,” he said. “It was also very castrating.” Mr. Galloway was obsessed with money, buying his first stock (Columbia Pictures) in eighth grade. he was not popular. “I looked like a bad-skinned Ichabod Crane,” he said. When he was in high school, he ran for class president, but was unsuccessful three years in a row. He also developed body dysmorphia, he said.

He attended college at UCLA and described his time there as “missing an opportunity to take responsibility” in a perfectly compelling tone of regret. He joined the fraternity, rowed the crew and gained 20 pounds of muscle. “Suddenly, women were very interested in me.”

While in business school at the University of California, Berkeley, he and classmates started a company called Prophet Brand Strategy, advising companies on how to build their brands. This was in his early 1990s, and their advice was often something like this: use the internet They won big customers like Williams-Sonoma, Levi Strauss and Apple. During the dot-com boom, they launched a series of companies. Among them was an e-commerce site called RedEnvelope where people could buy and send last-minute gifts.

Red Envelope raised money from venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, but Galloway believed the new funders were taking the company in a bad direction. His battle for board replacement fell through, but he caught the attention of hedge funds: “They said, ‘I like your crazy jib cut,'” he said. .

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