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Help! My Lost Luggage Wasn’t Delivered for 12 Days. I Want Restitution.

by Jersey Lady

I wasn’t born yesterday Elvira Nurbayeva, manager of corporate communications for a Kazakhstan airline, said that WorldTracer, an international service that works with airlines to track lost luggage, has already provided documentation that your luggage was misplaced in Newark. I was. Reason: You “didn’t claim and check in INTL FLT”. This “obviously meant that passengers had to pick up their luggage when they arrived in Newark,” Nurbaeva wrote. So you blamed United, United blamed Astana, and Astana blamed you.

But things changed when he returned to United with additional details. In a statement, a spokesperson confirmed that the bag had indeed been tagged to Atyrau, but was not correctly forwarded.

“In the event of this happening, we will work with our interline partners to ensure that customers are connected to their shipments as soon as possible, including compensation for delayed shipments. We apologize.”

Just a few days ago, you let me know what happened next: United and Astana agreed to compensate you $3,000 or $1,500 for each mishandled bag.

While I am happy with you and I think your arguments about United’s stated policies are reasonable, I fear that they do not portend the dawn of an era when airlines will pay generously. Therefore, I am unconvinced by this decision and feel uneasy about it.

George Hobika, founder of budget travel website airfare keeper, agreed. He was shocked to hear that United had agreed to pay the full amount. He pointed out that the airline should refund a reasonable amount for the item you had to purchase, but you told me the item was less than $75. .

“She is entitled to $75 compensation, but no compensation for pain or suffering,” he said. “We’ve all been through pain and suffering lately.” Legally, Hobika appears to be in a strong position.of 1999 Montreal Games, covers international travel and is signed by all three countries on the route and “if the carrier admits the loss of checked baggage or if the checked baggage has not arrived after 21 days” It states that I should get a refund. (For domestic flights, the Ministry of Transport I have a similar ruleIt gives the airline leeway to decide when to declare a bag “lost”. )

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