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Hello, World. It’s Been a While.

by Jersey Lady

But when I need to move Chatham for the fourth time, I do it persistently. When you put the small metal tray table in front of you back in place, the small metal tray table buzzes. I rush from the scene, muttering a failed epigram. Jumping down again along the two carriages, he found that he had left his glasses behind, without which he could not read the words, and was too embarrassed to go back and look for them. This is my favorite fugue.

Most discussions about whether it’s better to travel or to arrive don’t take into account the third option: staying at home. Like many people, I found it harder to get back into the world than I thought during the downturn of 2021. Was it all this tired all the time? Another epigram emerges. Either way, we will only come back here. ’ Thank you, Homer Simpson.

You may not be able to read a book, but you can still look out the window. Pass by Rochester Castle, with its 12th-century keep, and children are already playing in the grounds. As we crossed the Raynham Wetlands, we spotted groups of birdwatchers who had been there since dawn. Coronavirus is still prevalent. The economy is spinning out of control. The planet is burning. There is war in Europe. As more travelers join his services in London, some go to football, Westfield he goes to Stratford for shopping. But who can blame us?

There was a tap on the shoulder, as if to confirm an unexpected flash of camaraderie. look up. Holding out his glasses is a man wearing an Arsenal shirt.

Then, in the safety of the dark Crouch End Picture House, Quatermass and the Pit (1967), the film adaptation of Neil’s 1958 TV show, is shown. The original version concludes with these words uttered by Professor Bernard Quatermass in the ruins of the capital: we are martians Without control over the legacy within us, this would be their second dead planet. “

I have seen this movie before. Go to the pub instead.

Andy Miller Author of “The Year of Reading Dangerously” and co-host of the podcast “Backlisted”.

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