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Coffee From Yemen, With a Literary Connection

by Jersey Lady

In 2018, Dave Eggers wrote the unbelievably acrimonious “Monk of Mocha” about Mokhtar Alkhanshali, an American citizen of Yemeni parents who barely passes by in San Francisco. It is said to be the birthplace of coffee. He traveled frequently to Yemen, fleeing a bitter civil war, and founded a company called Port of Mocha, which sold coffee. While tasting some Yemeni coffee last week, Arkhanshali also said he wanted to create a non-profit organization to help coffee farmers. 75% of them are women. The result is the Mocha Institute. This year, for the first time, we will host a National Yemeni Coffee Auction open to roasters from all over the world. The Institute selected 28 coffees from 161 original collections for online auction. Registrations are open for him until August 15th, and the auction will take place for him on August 31st. He said rosters from 20 countries are expected to participate. Most Yemeni coffee is all Arabica, grown on steep terraces in the mountainous regions of the country’s west and dried in the sun without washing. “We don’t have much water,” he said.

National Yemeni Coffee Auction, nationalyemencoffeeauction.org.

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