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Beyoncé Will Change ‘Heated’ Lyrics After ‘Ableist Slur’ Criticism

by Jersey Lady

Days after the release of her latest album, Renaissance, Beyoncé plans to change the lyrics of one of her songs, Beyoncé’s rep said Monday, which has historically been used as a derogatory slur. I used words.

of “heated up” On the dancehall-inspired track, the singer uses the words “spaz” and “spazzin'” during the energetically recited portion of the song, and is a callback to freestyling at some social events. Activists condemned the use of the word in a social media post, pointing out that another pop star, Lizzo, removed the same lyrics from her song in June after receiving similar backlash.

A spokeswoman for Beyoncé said in an email, “Words not intentionally used in a harmful way will be replaced.

The term in question is based on spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that causes impaired movement of the legs and arms. In June, Australian author and disability advocate Hannah Divigny said: murmured Regarding Lizzo’s use of the word, for someone like her with cerebral palsy, spasticity refers to the “endless painful strain” in her leg, prompting the singer to “do better.” In response to criticism from Lizzo, she changed the song “Grrrls”, writing in a statement, “This is the result of what I have heard and acted upon.”

Diviney writes in an editorial: Posted in Guardian On Monday, she was “heartbroken” when she learned that Beyoncé’s new album used the same words.

“I thought we changed the music industry and, whether intentionally or not, I thought we started a global conversation about why disabled language is not appropriate for music,” Diviny wrote. “But I think I was wrong, because now Beyoncé has gone and done the exact same thing.”

Disability rights advocates point out that the term is more commonly used as a derogatory term in the UK compared to the US. , murmured“Disabled experiences don’t fall prey to song lyrics,” urging Beyoncé to follow Lizzo’s example.

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